Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manfish: Terrible Movies #130

A plane lands on a Caribbean island, then the camera spins around wildly for unknown reasons. Then a guy plays calypso on a guitar, then Lon Chaney Jr. needs money for a boat. Then there's another song, this time sung by a woman in a sarong. Then the camera spins around wildly again and some guys swim with a turtle. Then two guys double-cross one another in a search for buried treasure. So, there are obvious camera shadows, stock footage of a shark in a tank, a skeleton underwater holding a bottle, and Edgar Allen Poe should probably sue someone. It's unlikeable people doing uninteresting things aboard a boat, has a brief and completely unconvincing love triangle I guess, has remarkably few manfish for a movie called Manfish, and should be avoided.

Here's part one of six on Youtube, and it's in black and white. You can watch the whole thing in color on Netflix Instant Streaming, but why would you?

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