Monday, May 9, 2011

The Green Hornet: A Good One #70

Plot: Knocked Up Chitty Chitty Batman. The first half has some substantial problems verging on the cringe-worthy, i.e., stilted dialogue when it doesn't have the ad-libbed Rogan modus operandi, a frat boy vibe, a vacuous villain, a moment of unnecessary bottle cap-related CGI, and music as an incomplete narrative. But the second half has a few thrills and laughs you don't feel bad about, lots and lots of things are blown up or punched in the nads, the great original Al Hirt theme song from the '60's TV show makes a brief cameo, and for crying out loud, don't forget the real star of the film...the car. The entire thing is about the car, and the film suffers when its gleaming black form isn't onscreen. Overall, a barely passing grade. I watched it on I-Tunes pay-per-view, and if you jump in around the half-way point you probably wouldn't regret it. Here's a brief high-flying nut-shot car-filled trailer:

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