Monday, May 9, 2011

Destination Mars: A Good One: #71

A very-low budget faux-documentary about the resurrection of a lost 50's sci-fi 'masterpiece' shot on DV to look like an old film that doesn't quite measure up because it's not always successful at looking not very good. It has amateurish interviews, several uses of stock footage, the appropriate talkiness found in films of the era, a one-take feel, use of rear-projection, purposeful boom and camera shadows, clunky robots, and lots of Brylcreem. In this instance, these are good things. But it's also poorly lit, the editing is too quick, the camera isn't quite static enough, CGI is substituted for matte paintings, Dutch angles are used a few times, and the attempt to look like restored black and white film just isn't convincing. However, there are several Plan 9 homages, and in the spirit of Ed Wood I'm giving it a barely passing grade. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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