Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dark Shadows: A Good One #69

Alright, alright. I know this is a television soap opera, but it's a very cinematic television soap opera. And you don't have to remind me that it's technically not very good. The episodes I watched had boom and camera shadows, stagey acting, the camera doesn't always know where it's supposed to be, the end credits drift on the screen like a drunk at 3 a.m., and something gets in the shot on the right hand side that looked somewhat like a file folder or something, plus the plot moves forward at a glacier's pace. Literally, a conversation taking place could last three days. But it's fantastic. Netflix won't let you stream the first disc, but that's ok. We're right where it starts getting good with the appearance of Barnabas Collins, (now don't start crying spoiler, this is classic vampire stuff, and it's not like he wasn't going to show up sometime) when Willie accidentally finds Barnabas' hidden coffin secured with chains, and Willie breaks the chains and slowly lifts the coffin lid, and Barnabas' ringed hand reaches out and grabs Willie's neck as his face is contorted in horror. So great! Just imagine seeing that for the first time on television back in 1967. And there's that awesome theme music and all that creepy atmosphere. Like I said, it's on Netflix Instant Streaming, and you should watch it before Tim Burton gets his hands all over it.

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