Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind The Mask: Terrible Movies #137

One of The Shadow movies, you know, the hero from the 1940's radio programs. OK, so maybe you're not all that familiar with who I'm talking about. Well, if you aren't, this is probably the last movie you should watch if you wanted to get up to speed. The Shadow had the ability to cloud men's minds and solve crime wearing a large hat with his face partially obscured by a red scarf, and he would say "Only the Shadow knows..." in this creepy voice. And this movie has none of those things. No big hat (only an ordinary fedora), no creepy voice, no cloudy minds, a terrible mask, and almost no Shadow. Just lots of yucks and half-hearted slapstick. Avoid. On Netflix Instant Streaming. Here's a trailer featuring nearly all of The Shadow you'll get with this movie:

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