Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crimes At The Dark House: Terrible Movies #133

A lecherous and murderous impostor inherits an old dark house and scenery is chewed. Then Sophia steals Rose's car, and Blanche has man trouble and...what a minute, it looks as though my attention was somehow drawn away from this film to a repeat of the Golden Girls that was playing on TV Land. Sorry. Well, after three days I finished Crimes At The Dark House even though it was only a little over an hour long, but I did it. I wouldn't recommend you attempt it, though. The house in question doesn't get dark until the 38 minute mark, and even then it was for a moment and consisted of a walk down a corridor with a candelabra. Disappointing. There is a relatively high body count, but the film overall is quite a yawn inducer. I struggled to watch it on Hulu and you can watch it below, but maybe Golden Girls is on.

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