Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mysterious Mr. Wong: Terrible Movies #134

Forget about the movie. It's just awful, and that's not important right now. Near the end of the movie, a cop is reading a rolled up copy of what looks like an early issue of Detective Comics. It couldn't possibly be, considering the first issue didn't hit newsstands until 1937, and this piece of junk came out in 1935. But regardless, I panicked, seeing what could be a valuable key Golden Age comic book being manhandled like that. I mean, if by chance it actually was Detective Comics #1 even in that shape it could still be worth $10,000 today. It makes you want to climb in a time machine, snatch it right out of his hands, and yell, "Do you realize what you're doing?". But that's impossible, and honestly, it sounds a little bit crazy. There was a pulp magazine called Detective Story Magazine that was being printed at that time, so that was probably it. It was only on screen for a brief moment, and it was hard to tell. Anyway, I digress. Bela Lugosi plays a Chinese villain, and there are so many things wrong with that whole set-up, and the lead actor is irritating, and everything about this movie is terrible, so buy some comics and read those instead. It's on Netflix Instant Streaming, or you can watch it below, but don't.

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