Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creature With The Blue Hand: Terrible Movie #27

Klaus Kinski stars in this mistaken identity whodunit. Dave and Richard are identical twins doing wacky stuff in a Gothic castle. One of them is a crazed killer, and of course it's hard to tell which one is which and who's murdering who, and it's always hard to tell who's crazy if Klaus Kinski is in your movie. Extremely groovy Mancini-esque music completely at odds with the material opens the film, and the horns blare and guitars twang at every opportunity. Suits of armor fill every nook and cranny and there's a random room filled with dangling mannequins, you know, because folks living in castles need such a thing. People eavesdrop, lurk, peep, and creep. Shrill, manic and campy throughout. The distracting dubbed dialogue makes it plays like a melodramatic and gothic Speed Racer cartoon without the kick ass car. Except for the box of rats, the laughing parrot, and the boa constrictors, this movie is almost 100% creature-free. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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