Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Journey To The Seventh Planet: Terrible Movies #47

A narrator says ridiculous things about how way in the future, like 2001, man will no longer be warlike and his only thirst will be for knowledge. Yeah, right. Anyway, a booster rocket flies past Saturn a couple of times on it's way to Uranus (everyone goes to great lengths in the film to not pronounce it "your anus"), then lands on it (which is just a rocket launch run in reverse to simulate a landing). This seems incredibly unlikely, but that's ok. So all the dudes on board the rocket jump out, and they don't need space suits because apparently they've either landed on Oregon or possibly a Christmas tree lot. A golden light hypnotizes them, and then there's space chicks, and then there's a one-eyed monster that looks like it's made out of old burlap and carpet remnants. It's a lot like Contact, sort of, if it was written by someone who doesn't know a lot about space and doesn't like you very much. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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