Tuesday, January 18, 2011

War Of The Gargantuas: Terrible Movies #32

Before the credits roll, a ship is attacked by a gooey-tentacled giant squid, which is then attacked by a hairy not-so-jolly green giant, who then dunks the ship like a donut in a cup of coffee, chews up the normal-sized humans and spits out their clothes. There's a musical number for some reason, and a woman bleats out a shrill tune that grates. Thankfully, the gargantua attacks and puts an end to that. A cast of thousands scream and flee Tokyo being knocked down. Toy tanks are thrown and miniature cars are crushed. Sometimes gargantuas battle one another for the sole reason to leap into the air and demolish empty waist-high buildings. Watch a Godzilla movie instead. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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