Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I watch terrible movies so you don't have to #12: House Of Shadows

A woman walks her poodle along a darkened leaf-strewn alley when she loses control of the dog, which then high-tails it to the nearest haunted mansion it can find, presumably in search of Scooby Snacks. Suddenly; shaky camerawork, wooden acting, awkward dubbing, amateurish direction, drunken film editing and cutesie-pie poodle coddling happens. A thinly disguised rip-off of Hitchcock's "Rebecca" for a few minutes but draped in huge quantities of dust and cobwebs, I wish I could pinpoint where it goes off the rails. Probably the opening credits. Who the hell knows? This film is so incoherent I have very little idea what everyone was doing, especially the director and editor. Bewildering, gaffe-tastic, and LOL-inducing. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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