Monday, January 17, 2011

Valley Of The Zombies: Terrible Movies #31

An uber-creepy guy wearing a top hat and cape comes back from the dead to steal blood from a doctor. The film-makers confuse vampires with zombies and zombies with something that doesn't make sense and isn't very interesting and then completely leave out the zombies. I really liked the vampire/zombie guy, who seemed like a cross between Lon Chaney "London After Midnight" and an Americanized 1940's Coffin Joe, and the film dragged considerably when he had no screen time. I also liked the cinematography and sets, which seemed to borrow from the Val Lewton school of film-making. Tons of atmosphere, and great use of light and shadow. But the two leads were uninteresting, the middle dragged, and the ending had some continuity problems. Overall, it's a failure, but it has some good moments. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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