Monday, January 17, 2011

Tales From The Script: Terrible Movies #30

A below average documentary where dozens of screenwriters talk (and talk and talk and talk) about their triumphs and failures for about an hour and a half. If you think you'd like to break into the movie business through screenwriting, I wouldn't recommend watching this film. Actually, if you are an optimist and have any interest in any career in movie-making, I wouldn't watch this. The screenwriters do not sugarcoat life in movies from their viewpoint...very few people can do it well, or make a living at it, or suffer through all the meetings and lunches with executives, or not be destroyed by rejection and almost continuous demands for rewrites, and you'll probably fail. Not only will you fail, but your soul might get ground down into a fine powder only to be blow away by a delightful California breeze. Illuminating, but could be seen as boring to anyone but writers or film students. However, if you must watch it, it's on Netflix Instant Streaming.

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