Thursday, January 6, 2011

I watch terrible movies so you don't have to #16: One Body Too Many

Do you remember the good old days; those days when doctors did house calls, and there were such things as milkmen, or for instance, when moviegoers were supposed to believe life insurance salesmen go to creepy mansions in the middle of the night to sell a dead guy life insurance? Nope, me neither. In this film, unusually chipper theme music for a murder mystery opens the film and it sounds like it should accompany deer cavorting in a meadow. Bela Lugosi plays Bela Lugosi, or in other words, Bela Lugosi plays a fangless vampire playing a butler. A will is read, dead bodies pile up, doors are constantly opened or closed, you expect Shaggy to say "Zoinks" at any moment, and it's all very tiresome. Are movies this old supposed to be this cliched? I don't know. I watched this film on the Mill Creek DVD called "50 Horror Classics", but you probably shouldn't.

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