Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I watch terrible movies so you don't have to #13: Vampire's Ghost

I can imagine how the pitch went to get this film made. Two movie executives were talking. One executive would've said to the other, "I have a great idea for a movie. A guy in a white suit walks around Africa awhile, there's a bunch of jungle drums, then this chick in a gypsy outfit does a dance involving at least one back-bend in a dancehall/casino while someone else plays a concertina, then there'll be a badly choreographed fight scene, then a whole bunch of other guys sit around in wicker furniture wearing pith helmets. We'll call it The Vampire's Ghost." The other guy would've scratched his chin thoughtfully, then replied, "That's sounds like a swell idea. But shouldn't it have at least one vampire in it? Or maybe a ghost?" Then the other executive would've certainly replied, "No". On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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